Home Remedies to Get Rid of Cough easily


Coughing is not really a condition in itself, it is Sirni* a natural reflex to keep the throat and airways clear. It may be caused due to irritation of the throat or the respiratory passages. A severe and persistent cough, when accompanied by other condition, may often indicate some serious problems and should not be neglected. Immediate medical help needs to be sought. Bronchitis, asthma, pneumonia or a whooping cough is just a few of the possible causes of a cough. A cough may be productive or dry. A productive cough would be one in which phlegm or sputum is present and such a cough helps to clear mucus from the lungs or respiratory passages. A cough suppressant should therefore never be used on a productive cough. The air passages of the lungs are lined with cells secreting mucus, which normally trap particles of dust. When the membranes get infected and inflamed, the secretion of mucus increases and the lining of the air passage get irritated. Coughing is the action by which excess mucus is driven out.


  • Inflammation of the larynx or the pharynx
  • Cough can develop in the chest due to seasonal changes
  • Clogging of bronchial tubes with waste matter due to wrong eating habits.
  • Poor aeration of skin during winter, as the body is covered with warm clothing


While coughing one draws a deep breath in, which closes the glottis and muscular contraction occurs, thus helping to bad up the pressure in the chest. Then suddenly, the glottis opal explosive discharge of air sweeps through the air passages n, carries with it the excess secretions or, in some cases, later matter, which has irritated the larynx, trachea, or bronchi.

Home Remedies

  • Add one spoon each of honey, onion juice and lemon juice to hot water and drink it thrice a day. This helps in removing the phlegm.
  • A glass of grape juice to which a teaspoon of honey has been added provides good relief.
  • Extract 50 ml of raw onion juice (preferably white onion) and add two teaspoon honey to it. Consume this thrice a day. This is an excellent cough syrup. Prepare fresh syrup daily.
  • Add half a teaspoon of turmeric powder to a glass of hot water and drink this twice a day. • Drink only hot water as this helps loosens the mucus.
  • Soak some almonds in water overnight and the next day morning blanch (remove the skin) them and then grind them to make a fine paste. Add sugar and butter/ghee and divide into two parts, for morning and evening dose. This is good for a dry cough.
  • Soak 100 g raisins in water for 3 to 4 hours and then grind it into a smooth paste. Add 60 g sugar to it and heat the mixture, till its color changes. Then add 12 cloves (powdered) cool the mixture and store. Take a tablespoon of this at bedtime, followed by a glass of hot water.
  • Aniseeds (saunf) is another effective remedy for a dry cough with difficult expectoration. It breaks up the mucus. Boil a glass of water with two teaspoon aniseeds and a pinch of turmeric and one crushed clove (bung). Boil continuously such that the quantity is reduced to half. Let it cool. You may add little milk and sugar for a taste before drinking.
  • A teaspoon of honey to which half a teaspoon of ginger juice is added taken twice a day is very good for a dry cough. After taking this avoid drinking water for an hour.
  • Roast a few cloves of garlic; this makes it soft and tender. Peel the skin and eat them. It gives a very good result. This has to be done twice a day.
  • Drink jeera kashaya twice a day.
  • Eat few dates (lebajoor) every 6 hours and drink hot water, this clears the congestion in the chest.

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