Get rid of BAD BREATH with easy home remedies

Due to the poor digestive system, poor dental hygiene, and formation of bacterial plaque, there is bad odour formed in the mouth or the oral cavity. This is also known as bad breath It leads to awkward situations especially in public as well as in intimate matters. You can try some simple remedies, however, if they are not effective, you need to consult a doctor and treat the root cause of the issue.

Home Remedies

  •  Maintain good oral hygiene. You must brush your teeth properly twice a day. Use dental floss at least once a day so that the food particles lodged in between the teeth can be removed. Rinse your mouth after every meal. Use a mouthwash to keep your mouth germ free.
  •  Eat a banana along with its inner peel (the thread like white part inside the banana peel).
  •  Rub fresh lemon peels or orange peels over gums to reduce inflammation.
  •  After brushing, rub few drops of mustard oil and rock salt on the teeth to reduce bacterial plaque.
  •  Gargling with sesame oil (hold it in your mouth for 5 to 7 minutes) or even applying it on gums and teeth is good for dental problems.
  •  Boil water with a teaspoon of fenugreek seeds for half an hour and then gargle mouth with this decoction.
  • Dry the skin of pomegranate, orange, and pound them into a fine powder with common salt, pepper and cloves. Use this powder to massage your gums and teeth.

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