Menstrual Cramps problem faced by females during Menstrual days.


Some women experience severe abdominal pain during periods known as menstrual cramps. Menstrual cramps are usually, associated with a heavy menstrual cycle with blood clots and severe bleeding. The pain may be felt a couple of days prior or just before or soon after the flow sets in. This may be due to hormonal imbalance. The intensity of pain and discomfort experienced varies among women.

Research suggests that to some extent it is also hereditary or genetic. Painful menstrual cramps without bleeding or with slight bleeding especially if it is accompanied by nausea/vomiting, giddiness could be the early symptoms of pregnancy (when a fertilized egg is implanted within a woman’s womb, it causes slight bleeding and this is known as implantation bleeding which is generally accompanied by slight cramps which Women often mistake as premenstrual cramps).

Note:- If such signs of pregnancy are detected, please consult your gynecologist before trying out any home remedy listed below.

Home Remedies of Menstrual Cramps

• Add two-three pods of crushed garlic to a cup of boiling water and continue boiling for a while. This garlic water (freshly prepare every time) should be taken thrice a day for relief from pain and cramps.

• Consuming fresh mint leaves by adding it to curd or mixed with salad relieves cramps. A decoction of fresh mint leaves (boil mint leaves in water) or even tea prepared by adding mint leaves also helps relieve the cramp. Mint chutney (Please refer to the recipe on page 175) and mint sherbet (Please refer to the recipe on page 180) also is a good remedy. Mint reduces uterine contractions and relieves cramps and pain.

• When cramps/pain is severe, boil a cupful of centella leaves (brahmi) in two cups of water. Take a tablespoon of this decoction three times a day. These leaves contain vellarin which acts as sedative (sleep-inducing) and is antispasmodic (pain relieving)

• Add half a teaspoon of powdered black sesame to a glass of hot water and drink this twice a day to relieve pain.

• Boil two tablespoons of dried pomegranate seeds in 600 ml water, continue boiling till water is reduced to 200ml. Strain and take a tablespoon of this decoction, for quick relief from cramps. (This also helps increase menstrual flow)

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