Want to remove blackheads and cleanse your skin: Use Walnut Scrub

Walnut will give your skin a scintillating light
Walnut contains Omega 3 fatty acids which is very helpful in removing skin related diseases and making skin attractive. With walnut scrub and walnut paste, you can look attractive young and your face starts glowing,it removes skin wrinkles or acne or stains.

Get rid of wrinkles:

To remove wrinkles lying on the face, you can grind walnuts and make a scrub or paste and mix it with honey or milk use it twice or thrice a week. Within a few days, your face will start glowing.


For Acne

Mix Walnut powder with some milk and make a paste. Put this paste on acne. Do this twice a week, this will get you rid of acne.

For unwanted hair on face:
If you have too many unwanted hair on your face, then put the walnut scrub on the face. When the scrub is dry, rescue it with your hands moving upwards. This will gradually reduce the hair on the face.

Walnuts for the Dark Circle
Put a walnut paste under the eyes. This increases blood circulation in the skin around the eyes and the dark circles are right under the eyes.

Walnuts for Dark spots-

Applying a walnut paste twice a week will make the skin look quite clean and the color of your face will also become clear.

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